Preparing for Family Mediation

Our trained family Mediators will talk you through the full family mediation process step by step so you know what is happening at each stage. Here are some practical steps and ideas to help you prepare for your mediation session.


Before your first session you should organise your documentation:

If you are attending mediation to discuss finances or property it would be helpful to have all your necessary statements and bills.

If you are mediating to discuss arrangements for your children, you should consider some proposals that you would be happy with. Find out term dates and Christmas holiday times. Make a note of any big family events such as weddings if you would like to discuss these during the session.

Before the session you should speak to the Mediator; ask any questions about the process, timings, costs etc so that you do not need to worry about these matters during the session.

Draw up a list
If you can speak amicably to your ex-partner it is useful for you to discuss the issues briefly before hand, perhaps draw up a list together of outstanding matters you would like to decide in the session and the matters which you have already decided together. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to do this; your own list of the matters you would like to discuss will also be helpful.


Try your best to avoid arguing. Arguing doesn’t work. Negotiation does. Let the mediator lead the negotiation. Try and remain calm and remember your end goals. If you can put your emotions aside this is likely to make the mediation process a smoother and more successful process.

Neutral Mediator
The mediator is a neutral party and will not take sides. Whilst the mediator will not be allowed to give legal advice, the mediator will be able to provide you both with general advice to ensure that any agreements you reach are appropriate.

More than one session
Some mediations can be finalised in one session, but it is more common to have two to four sessions, sometimes more. Your Mediator will be better able to estimate how many sessions you are likely to need.

Plans and agreements
Try to remember why you are mediating: To reach a solution.  Mediation can help solve the problems you are facing, together. Mediation is likely to be a cost effective and quicker way of addressing your disputes.

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