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Hepburn Delaney’s specialist Wills and Probate solicitors can help you prepare for your family’s future today. Our expert Legal team can help you with all matters relating to Wills, Trusts and Probate. Having a will means that your family will know how you would like your assets and possessions shared out at the time of your death.  Having a Will can save stress and work for your family at a time which is already likely to be difficult for them. Our specially trained and accredited Solicitors will prepare your will for you ensuring that the Will is legally binding and can be relied upon. Your Will can address financial and practical matters, including appointing guardians for your children and the distribution of any special sentimental items.  We can also write a Will for you and your spouse at the same time which can be more cost-effective. We can help you with inheritance tax and estate planning, which can often be complicated. Our dedicated team can guide you through this process, ensuring you are fully informed throughout and assisting you in making the right decisions for you and your family. Our team can also prepare declarations of trust and codicils on your behalf, both of which must be accurately prepared in order to be valid. Whether you are a family member or an executor we can give you expert advice on all aspects of Probate and distribution of the estate, providing detailed advice about the distribution of their assets, tax implications and obtaining a grant of probate on your behalf if necessary. We can help you with all of your Wills and Probate queries.  Click on the links below to find out more and call us on 01442 218090 to discuss further.

  • orangeleaf1 Wills – We can write your will for you, ensuring that it is correctly executed to ensure it is legal and binding.
  • orangeleaf1 Trust Wills – we can assist you with trusts and money being held on behalf of others.  Additionally, we can advise you on this complex matter and making sure that your trusts are correctly set up and enforceable.
  • orangeleaf1 Codicils – we can prepare codicils for you, ensuring that any changes or additions to your existing Will are legal and binding.
  • orangeleaf1 Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning – we can advise you on tax planning, and we are happy to meet with you and your financial advisor to discuss the best plans for the future.
  • orangeleaf1 Declaration of Trust – we can write a declaration of trust for you or advise you if one is necessary if a property is purchased by a number of people, or on somebody’s behalf.
  • orangeleaf1 Probate/Estate Administration – we can assist with the distribution of assets and all administrative tasks following a death.  Our Costs are listed here.
  • orangeleaf1 Disputed Inheritance – we can also provide initial advice if you wish to dispute a will or intestacy. We can tell you whether you would qualify to make a claim.
  • orangeleaf1 Deed of Variation – we can advise you on whether it will possible to vary the terms of a will after someone dies.

Working with a family business

Hepburn Delaney was established in 2013 by Jane Hepburn and Rebecca Delaney who had worked together for several years before deciding to set up a specialist family law practice. Our intention has always been to provide a niche, bespoke service to clients seeking advice on a broad range of family matters and we remain committed to this approach.


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