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Hepburn Delaney’s specialist team will advise you sensitively through your family law matter. Whether you have a new relationship, a relationship breakdown, or you need to make arrangements for your children or finances, our approachable family law solicitors will ensure that you are guided through the matter with clear and thorough advice. We understand that difficult times require efficient care and our experts provide an excellent service to all clients allowing you to make the decisions that are right for your family. Our specialist Solicitors practice exclusively in family law and will ensure that your advice is tailored to you and your family.  Hepburn Delaney are members of Resolution, an organisation committed to a constructive and non-confrontational approach to family law.  Because of our commitment to the Resolution Code of Practice, several of our clients achieve a settlement by negotiation which saves time and costs.

How can we help?

We can help with any family law issue, ranging from matters where agreement has already been reached, cases where negotiation is required on your behalf to achieve a settlement, to the more complex matters where Court proceedings are needed. We are proud to offer quality services at a reasonable cost.  Our dedicated team of Family Law Solicitors and support staff will ensure that your case is dealt with personal care and attention to achieve the best possible outcome for you so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our family law solicitors assist with:

  • originalblue Divorce – We can assist with your divorce from start to finish, ensuring that the process is as straightforward as possible for you. Our friendly and highly trained team will ensure that you are guided through the divorce process so that you are kept informed throughout the progress of your matter.
  • originalblue Dissolution of Civil Partnership – We offer a number of services to support you through your Civil Partnership Dissolution.  If your Dissolution is going to be agreed between you and your Civil Partner, we can undertake all the work from drafting the Petition, right through to obtaining the final order and any financial remedy.  If you have decided to do the process yourself, we are also happy to advise you on an ad-hoc basis at competitive hourly rates.
  • originalblue Unmarried Couples – Separation – We can guide you through the separation process, answering any questions you have about the division of your joint assets and belongings.
  • originalblue Financial Remedy – We can help you with the financial element of any separation. In particular, advising how your assets and belongings should be divided. Financial distribution can be a very complex and delicate matter. Our specialist family law solicitors will advise and inform you throughout the process to ensure that you are aware of the progress of your matter.
  • originalblue Transfer of Tenancy – We can advise you how to transfer your tenancy in the event of a separation.
  • originalblue Judicial Separation – When married couples separate, the presumption is that the parties will proceed with a Divorce. However, this may not be the course that you or your spouse wish to take, whether this is for financial, familial or religious reasons.  We can help you with the petition and drawing up a separation agreement.
  • originalblue Nullity – We offer a number of services to support you through your Nullity petition such as drafting the Petition, right through to obtaining the final order along with financial remedy if appropriate.
  • originalblue Family Mediation – Family mediation is a voluntary process which helps you and your partner or spouse to agree on arrangements for your finances or for your children during or after separation.  Our team of family law solicitors know the current law and best practice.  If you can reach an agreement during mediation, it is a cost-effective process rather than dealing with the matter in court.
  • originalblueUnmarried Couples – Moving in together We can meet with you and your partner and inform you of the best ways to purchase property and other assets in a way that will protect both of your interests.
  • originalblue Pre-Nuptial agreements – If you are getting married and want advice on how best to protect your assets or businesses we can inform you of the best ways to achieve this.
  • originalblue Injunctions – If you need urgent legal advice to prevent a person from taking an action, contact us right away – we can apply to the court on your behalf if appropriate.  In the event that there has been a recent use of threat of physical violence and you feel that you are in imminent danger than an emergency application can be made without notice.  Our resources page has further information.  We are also able to support you with determining whether you are entitled to Legal Aid and start this process if so.

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If you are looking for expert, individually tailored advice from a team of professional family law solicitors, contact our Hemel Hempstead office directly. Fill in the contact form displayed on the right, email or telephone 01442 218090 for more information.

Working with a family business

Hepburn Delaney was established in 2013 by Jane Hepburn and Rebecca Delaney who had worked together for several years before deciding to set up a specialist family law practice. Our intention has always been to provide a niche, bespoke service to clients seeking advice on a broad range of family matters and we remain committed to this approach.


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