Online Solicitors Advice


Hepburn Delaney are a firm of experienced, specialist family law solicitors, offering a flexible and personal online service to our clients.

Our team of solicitors have the expertise to advise and assist you on matters concerning family law, children law, wills and probates, and powers of attorney, with a major focus on planning for the future.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding client care and communication, and we always strive to adapt and meet your needs in whatever way we can. Offering online solicitor advice is one of the many ways that we are constantly improving our services for clients.

Our online solicitor advice gives us the ability to meet our clients and attend court hearings over the telephone and through video conferencing. We also offer affordable, practical and honest legal advice online at a time to suit you.

How does online solicitor advice work?

We understand that it’s not always possible for clients to visit our Hemel Hempstead office for appointments. Whether this is due to government restrictions such as social distancing due to COVID-19, or because a busy lifestyle makes face-to-face meetings difficult, the aim of our online service is to provide an easy, stress-free means of accessing legal advice, guidance and support.

When can I access online solicitor advice?

Our team of specialist lawyers can adapt to meet your needs. This means that we don’t just offer our services during the daytime. Whilst you can access advice between 9-5, we can by appointment deliver some online solictor advice sessions in the evening, giving you peace of mind that you can still access legal advice if are busy working or taking care of children throughout the day.

What legal services can be delivered online?

Our online legal advice covers a number of key services. These include:

  • orangeleaf1 Matrimonial – legal support through your divorce can be delivered by the team at Hepburn Delaney online and over the telephone.
  • orangeleaf1 Wills and Probate – For Wills and Probate, we have an array of systems and procedures in place to enable the signing of documents and taking of instructions online and over the telephone.
  • orangeleaf1 Lasting powers of attorney – An LPA document as it is commonly called is an important legal document which allows you to appoint a person that you trust to with decision-making, or to make decisions on your behalf. As with wills and probate, we are able to effectively support with LPA online or over the telephone.
  • orangeleaf1 Family mediation – Family mediation is a voluntary, neutral way of resolving disputes that may arise before, during or after separation. Reaching an agreement during mediation helps to avoid a lengthy and costly court process. Delivering family mediation online is a practical way to manage dispute resolution as it means that individuals do not have to meet in person.

How to arrange online solicitor advice for you and your family

If you are looking for specialist, individually tailored online solicitor advice online from a team of professional lawyers, contact us today.

Email or call 01442 218090 for more information.