A Professional Team of Solicitors in Hemel Hempstead


Hepburn Delaney are a team of specialist family solicitors conveniently located in  Hemel Hempstead who have provided expert legal advice in the area since 2013. We pride ourselves on dealing with delicate or difficult matters with absolute care and attention. Our excellence in the field is demonstrated by our extensive work around Hertfordshire, London and further afield.

Initially established to advise the local population on issues of Family Law, the team quickly grew in response to the requirements of our local clients. We realised that they needed a family-focussed legal service which could assist in a range of related areas. We now offer specialist advice on all areas of Family Law, including Family Mediation and Children Law, as well as Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney.

Equally important is our solicitors’ commitment to reasonable and transparent costing. We don’t use fixed rates, but rather offer flexible prices for each client depending on what advice they require. This ethical stance is also reflected in our continuing commitment to Legal Aid, unlike many other firms in the area.

How our team of experts can help

Our Family Law and Mediation team can assist on a range of issues related to separation. We represent clients in complex matters of divorce, Civil Partnership dissolution, judicial separation as well as separation of unmarried couples. We recognise how difficult these issues can be for our clients and so we go to great lengths to provide a calm and safe space for separating couples to resolve their issues.

Our Family Mediation service focuses on the important issues that arise with separation, including arrangements for children, the family home, finances and pensions. The two parties can come to the mediation sessions together or separately, but the aim at the end of the sessions is a resolution which works for all the involved parties. Solicitors can now make referrals to our Hemel Hempstead office for a mediation appointment.

Planning for the future

A major focus in our work for clients is planning for the future. We understand that newly-engaged couples do not necessarily want to discuss the prospect of a divorce or separation, but we feel that a mutually beneficial pre-nuptial agreement is an essential grounding for any marriage and ensures security for both parties in the future.

We can also help unmarried couples who are moving in together reach agreements over their finances. It is perhaps even more important in these situations as unmarried couples are not offered the same legal protection.

Our solicitors find that many people put off writing Wills because it is a frightening prospect. But without a well-constructed and up to date Will, you have no way of ensuring that your assets are passed on to the people who you wish to inherit them. Our team understands that this can be a distressing process and we will listen carefully to your needs and concerns in order to produce a Will which protects your assets in the future.

How to get in touch

It is never too soon to plan for the future. So, if you are based in or around Hemel Hempstead and are looking for expert legal advice from a team of professional solicitors at a reasonable price, contact Hepburn Delaney. Alternatively, email info@hepburndelaney.co.uk or telephone 01442 218090.